The Jane - Plain

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With The JaneTM, we have tried to reinvent the wheel. Just like curvy people, there are NO straight lines in these knickers. Unlike modern plus size panties which either are so high waisted they sit above your trouser line and give you the worst ever wedgies. Or so low cut on the abdomen that they roll down and you are forever having to yank them up.

We have thrown away the old idea of what a knicker pattern should look and especially feel like.

The Jane's waistline is fuller at the front and lower at the back, designed to be invisible under jeans without slipping down or rolling under. The revolutionary gusset is where all the magic happens.

One: it's wider, no more feeling like you're flossing. The front gusset seam is also higher so the gusset wholely encapsulates the genitals. Next, because of the curves, no camel toe. And if you are an individual of style, there is plenty of room for your package. Finally, at the back, the gusset is cut so that the extra material in conventional knickers has been removed. No more wedgies. In fact, the line now curves to cuddle any size or shape of apple.


 Here are the step by step instructions on how to sew The Jane.


UK Design Registration 6083372

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