Abigail Tyrrell Lingerie

Since the late 60's, ready to wear fashion has controlled the clothing market. Inexpensive, mass-produced articles have become the only readily available clothing choice for most. Quality dress making fabrics vanished from the shelves of department stores, dress making and tailoring shops vanished to be replaced by "crafting" sections in chain stores. This was a disaster for plus sized women as ready to wear outlets focused on only the most profitable and simplest of clothing sizes to successfully scale and sell. Options became sparse and the skills to design, create and alter clothing started to die out. And then came the internet.

What I adore about the modern age is the return of skills through the magic of YouTube and online shopping. No more are customers restricted to the tyranny of the high street and what ready to wear buyers think we should wear or what size or shape we should be. And with old hands like myself recording and sharing our skills we are seeing a revival in small businesses and most importantly - INNOVATION!

This is my response to the lack of high style and innovation in pattern design for the plus size woman with an emphasis on quality and longevity. 

Who is Abigail Tyrrell

I am an original New Wave Goth. I was wearing antique Victorian clothing at the age of 14 in the late 70's early 80's (Yep, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. And some of you clever people can now do the Maths.) Vintage to us did not just mean 50's clothing and lingerie, but anything hand made where the quality was exquisite. We ransacked trunks in attics and went to every charity shop, and when we discovered a new article we treasured it, mended it - and wore it proudly on the street, in our lecture halls and to dance in.

Then one day I turned around and realised that there was nothing out there that was designed for a plus sized body. Nothing that wasn't sausage casing or specifically answered the issues in having curves and certainly nothing attractive. Faced with the eponymous "Bridget Jones" situation (and a life of tailoring skills), I realised I could design what I wanted for myself - and why not other women.

Make no mistake! What I design, while having its practical aspects, is meant to be erotica. 

What is couture service?

Every item is hand made to order. Every single seam is double, and in many cases, triple stitched. All stress points are hand reinforced. When you order an item, you may be contacted for further measurements as often we create custom patterns for each order. We then label and store that pattern for reorders.

Materials are chosen for the way they flex, stretch and feel on your naked skin. Comfort and durability come first. Our ideal is to create the vintage wear of your grandchildren.