What's Wrong with Plus Size Fashion TODAY!

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Women are talking about having more choice and greater range of plus size fashion. Can you tell the difference between these three skirts? Can you tell the difference in pattern between these three skirts? No? Neither can I. Although one has been recently hailed as "fashion innovation", one designed by a recent Project Runway winner and worn by an award winning actress and the other is a FREE PATTERN for the very first garment you learn to make at GCSE. I look at this and despair! How can anyone think that THIS is choice? That THIS is fashion innovation or new or even exciting? It's a gathered skirt FFS! It is literally two rectangular pieces of fabric and a waistband. Just because someone decided to wear it over their boobs does not make it suddenly amazing! We laugh at photos of people in Walmart who do that! We can do better. WE NEED TO DO BETTER! By taking the easiest route we are STILL training women to not believe that they are good enough for really good design. Instead, we have named stars jumping on the Fatshon band wagon and bringing out totally boring, predictable lines with no new shapes that are already in the high stores and have been for years. Can you pick out Melissa McCarthy's pieces in the next three photo sets?mellissaskirt melissatopmelissajeans I did not even have to look hard to find the alternatives which were available from Simpylbe, Evans and Pin Up Girl. In fact, they had more choice of designs that were far more exciting! I know that it has only been recently that we have had access to normal fashion in larger sizes. But that can't be all there is to plus size design. Are we saying to plus size women that it is all the same out there and there is nothing new? That the only way forward is to embrace pin up retro? Thank GODDESS for Beth Ditto! Someone who is looking at shape in a NEW way. Designing cut for plus, that works for plus and not necessarily normal ranges.bethdittoI have a friend and costume blogger who was desperate to try out Ms. Ditto's new line. At a size 10 she tried the smallest at a UK 14 and it just did not work for her. She is an expert seamstress and hoped to be able to take it in, but the designs, while they look very simple aren't. The lines are for fuller figures and just wont scale down. So refreshing after the decades of all the badly scaled up clothing we have had to endure! AND POCKETS! My message here is complacency and coasting is NOT good enough. We need to look at plus bodies and create new never been tried shapes and ideas. I have been doing that with lingerie. I am now fired to try outerwear.    

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