What's Up with EBay?

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Happy New Year to one and all! So, why has the eBay shop disappeared? Well, first I am not happy with the way the variations work. If you try to say you can make one garment in three sizes it will list that you have three garments. And then when someone orders one variation it is a real chore to get it to relist that option. In that regard Etsy wins hands down. Second, setting a sale or a promotion is also quite a chore and costly. Third just having the store is a sizeable chunk of money that doesn't really do much more than selling from my own account. Fourth, eBay is more of a promotional tool than a market at this time. If you do a search for plus size pants 99% of what appears is cheap, poorly made and... Disposable. Ravendreams lingerie is 100 times better made and better designed, but also more expensive. So eBay and my presence there is getting a rethink. In the meantime... I am really loving Etsy and the control I have on sales and stock. So enjoy RavenDreams on Etsy!

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