#WeAreTheThey - part two!


So, this is me! abigail tyrrell A little while, 2011, ago I got divorced and started dating. Then a terrifying thought occurred to me... One day I might want to take my clothes off. So I rushed to my underwear drawer and, after letting the moths clear, I was aghast at what I found. A surfeit of granny pants. So I went online and searched for something lacy and sexy that would bolster my confidence. What is out there is one size fits none, trashy and just make me look and feel fat and old. And cheap - but not in a good way. So I thought to myself I can make better than this! And then I thought I can make three as easily as one and sell the other two. So RavenDreams was born...   It's been a good road slowly getting the word out and changing women's lives lives one pair of knickers at a time but the recent quotes on TV are not what I'm about. People seem to have gotten the wrong idea about empowerment in plus size. We know we are fat. We also feel we can be confidant and powerful, wonderful, amazing women. To that, I who has always been camera shy am now posting pics! #WeAreTheThey [gallery ids="520,517,516"]

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