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Wonderful news! I've gone down a size! No you haven't. You are still as fat as you were yesterday. EXPLETIVE! When I started designing lingerie in 2012 I did a fairly large study on women's perception of and actual size looking at the various industry size charts in order to create a size chart that customers could use to select the perfect garment. Now in 2015 it appears I have to throw that all away. I am a professional tailor, dressmaker and designer and through MANY years of experience I can look at a woman and tell her dress (bra, knicker, corset, etc...) size with one glance. So when watching Plus Size Wars on Channel 4 and they tell me that Tess Holiday is a size US22 - I nearly fall off my chair. Right! We all love Tess Holliday and this has absolutely nothing to do with her personally... Except her measurements and the industry's constant need to mess with women's self perceptions. And actually quite a lot to do with #effyourbeautystandards. According to Tess Holliday's wiki her measurements are (in inches) 49-49-52. According to Milk management that makes her a size US22. According the Daily Fail (erm Mail), HuffPost and a bunch of other publications this makes her a UK26. Except according to Channel 4 its a UK24... So which is right? Here we have a size chart from a high street (UK) store what shows how they have changed their sizes between 2012 and today. Not a bad thing adding an inch to the hips right?
Bust Waist Hip
18 - 2012 109 92 113
18 - 2015 109 93 116
  Except that it changes the standards across the industry as each company races to out-ploy each other. In 2012 the measurements for a size UK18 were the same as a size US16. It broke down like this:
2012 2015
14 12 L 14 10 M
16 14 XL 16 12 L
18 16 XL 18 14 L
20 18 2XL 20 16 XL
22 20 3XL 22 18 XL
24 22 4XL 24 20 2XL
26 24 5XL 26 22 3XL
  This is a 2 SIZE difference! TWO WHOLE SIZES! Worse yet, look at the traditional S/M/L/XL differences! How misleading is that? And are the clothes actually being recut to fit? So many blogs have come out lately saying no (Buzzfeed's marevolous: This Is What Plus-Size Clothes Look Like On Plus-Size Women)! EDIT: Oh! And just to completely piss me off... Amazon's size chart put's Miss Holliday at a size 28/3XL!!! I am a small independent designer. I sell my lingerie on Etsy, StoreEnvy and here on my own site. I must be able to provide the size my customer expects and understands when they click that option in the dropdown box next to the product. My sales come through word-of-mouth and if I disappoint someone because the item doesn't fit because they ordered what they thought was a US22 and was actually a UK24 and therefore waaaaay too small, that's a whole lot of lost business. But more than that it's someone's self esteem damaged. A woman (or transgender, or man...)  who looks into the mirror and thinks she is not good enough for couture. They think and feel that they did something wrong - and they didn't! It's the industry playing games with us! The Game they are playing: If a smaller size fits you from one shop you are more likely to buy something else from them. They are playing to our vanities. They are expanding their EFFING beauty standards up the line to plus size and WE ARE BUYING (literally) INTO IT! We want clothes that fit! We want an international size chart! We don't want to be lied to about our size in order to get our money!



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