I feel really humble at all the love I experiences on Sunday. I am just completely blow over at the reception the collection received! From the moment they public entered the hall it was FULL ON. I really expected that people would just wander past the booth and look down their noses in a high fashion, British superior way and calmly deliver sarcasm in cold buckets over my head. It was the exact opposite! People were lined up in the booth waiting to talk to me. They were taking clothes off the rails to photograph them, and LSI (long suffering intern) Jess and I were nervous people would take them! But it was just so many happy, smiling, joyous rabble of bloggers and press and boutique buyers from all around the world thrilled with the lingerie! I have never been so ... validated and welcomed! This is not an experience I am used to! Being the youngest of five siblings it was always a fight to bee seen as myself and then to be seen not just as a woman in the tech industry and with my children fighting the educational system for special needs provision and to not be seen as just another parent or my ex's wife. As women we seem to be fighting all the time for recognition - and on Sunday, not only was my hard work acknowledged - but celebrated and embraced! Once I get over the exhaustion there will be a good cry in LUSH bubble bath and a glass of presecco. (Yes, women drink in the bath. Its a "thing".) I woke up for the first time this morning not clenching my jaw (always going to have nightmares about the collection - just give up on that. hehe) 12009671_10153510002096233_7926881180079771786_nI want to thank all these lovely women bloggers who were just the loveliest, enthusiastic, passionate women I have met - and as fed up as I am at the lack of couture that we DESERVE AS A HUMAN RIGHT! I have never felt so warm and fuzzy and that I had met like minded women. As I said before, I am not here to become rich (ya, like couture alone will do this hahahahahaha), but I am here to rule the world. I am here to MAKE ready to wear take inspiration from indie designers and up their game! There is now NO EXCUSE! I also want to thank two women who were the first to believe in me. Holly Jackson the first blogger who talked me and told her dear friend Cora Harrington about my mission. I am ever amazed that they were so kind and generous of their time and interest. these women are truly inspirational in their work to even the playing field for all women (and all LGBT) and enlighten the entire world through the internet to small designers everywhere. You both really shout out for the underdog and excellent design. Thank you! These are brave women who take chances that other don't. They inspire me everyday. When I needed anything. the number of amazing wonderful friends who stepped up and just GAVE! I really need to thank my models (all their data will be at the bottom of this post). It was just amazing from the first moment I saw them on Sunday. They are my friends. My bricks (in  big brick houses - Muppet version of Brick House - Eva you're Animal). They are the wall I beat my head against (You wish!). When I first saw Indie Fox, who helped LSI and I schlep a naked Matilda* across London's tube system, and Loula Cherry, it was greeting sisters I had not seen since the last family circus! These are my girls, to keep it 80's, my girl posse! And the new girls, Steff and Eva, just slotted into the dynamic in such a mad way, they really fit my aesthetic! (If you haven't guessed it's fabulously dressed, sexy as hell, mad cat woman.) RavenDreams Women                 And they are as insanely hilarious as any Couture House could wish for! This is when they (LSI, Eva, Indie and Loula with Steff taking the picture) discovered that Loula's arse IS the flyer! Willing to get naked at the drop of hat - but only for me :) Look mum! My bum! My last grateful thank you(s) go to my children and Dave, my partner.  Both Jenny and ESPECIALLY Brian who have always shown unconditional (despite everything) love and Brian, a very talented illustrator at Cambridge School of Arts, who created all of my ads and look books. Jenny moderates my insanity and Brian encourages it. I love you both sooo much! And now for the one I wear it all for ... Dave was our hero on Sunday! He drove upwards of 7 hours around London detours to get us all there and home again. I could not have done that. He is the strong silent (Ya, right. More the quiet sarcastic) type of myth and legend - and HE'S MINE! So hands off!   And here are MY girls deets! Loula Cherry https://www.facebook.com/MissLoulaCherry Indie Fox https://www.facebook.com/indiefoxmodel http://purpleport.com/portfolio/indie/?referrer=indie https://twitter.com/Indiefox_x?s=09 http://indiefox.wix.com/indiefoxwww.instagram.com/indiefox_x/ Steff Benton Bye bye bailey Eva Martins https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=349887235126142 https://purpleport.com/portfolio/missrainbow/?referrer=missrainbow

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