The Incomparable Miss Loula Cherry!

photo shoot

Miss Loula CherryAmazed that this stunning beauty would deign to bless my humble workshop with her incandescent presence! All Hail - Miss Loula Cherry! Bright, bubbly, incredibly cool, the absolute professional! Went straight into calming down the nervous designer (me) and making both myself and Abbie feel perfectly at ease. She is utterly natural and at home in her own skin and owned the room simply by smiling. This shoot is so going to ROCK!!!Miss Loula Cherry smiles You can instantly see that there's a LOT of diva there but it is all showstopping glamour and not a drop of self importance. She's a pinup the way we imagine they should be. I just can't imagine this shoot being anything but mad chaos and the most fun ever! Everyone from the assistants on up are just really excited by the location (see future posts!), the lingerie and now two have two stunning and fun models! No - burlesque queens! Excuse me while I jump up and do the happy dance here at my desk! The accessory tests have gone really well with only a few hiccups in the under-bust corset department - but with this business there always seems to be extras in people closets so... we will pull it together in time I hope!But we at least have a "Happy Pants Pile". Definitely progress. ONLY 7 DAYS NOW! Loua ala Mask   Loula can also be found: twitter: @loulacherry tumblr: loula cherry

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