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What do you get for the money?

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Still battling the, "its a lot of money for what it is..." notion, I thought I would use the concept of the Dress Diary to show you the design process from research and conception to finished product. Along the way there will be opportunities to help me make choices and influence the final design. What is a Dress Diary? Its a series of blog articles most often written by amateur tailors and costumers (some times professionals but not very often because the fashion industry is so secretive) to show other amateur costumers their experiments, ask advice and to teach others...

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The Jane part 1

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"A seam in your crotch is like a cheesewire covered in sandpaper. Thongs are instruments of torture. Don’t even talk to me about knicker with tight elastic on the legs, or god help us, a non-breathable fabric gusset." - found in The Lingerie Addict I have made some serious rants in the past about the sizing and fit of lingerie and now at last I can finally tell you what I have been doing about it! Since I stated the business back in March of 2011 with just an idea that I could possibly make my own lingerie I have...

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So, I'm in Lanzarote on the beach...

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I have slimmed down to a size 20 which means I can buy a swim suit from Tesco. The body is impossibly long but as I am a designer,  I have taken 4 inches of of the crotch to make fit me and stop some very embarrassing exposure. So now it fits at the bottom but my 40 GGs are one bounce away from doing the can can for the public.  Sigh. In recent moans, being honest about my rants, I have looked at "shapewear". And in a recent article by Margert Bognerief expounds on the lack of fit to...

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Last Day of Thanksgiving, PreChristmas Sale!

ravendreams sale

Thanks to all those who have ordered! I am so excited about all the things you have chosen! Most recently there's been a run on the babydoll sets.

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