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So, The Condom Broke...

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Well, its the morning after and the condom broke and you are pretty sure your partner had a lot of undeclared STDs. Time to face reality, and no, not a colourful pre-scripted game show. So here are my predictions for what is going to happen in the immediate future (6 months or less)... What's my qualifications to make these judgements? Before chucking it all in for pants, I spent 18 years as a contractor analysing and helping SME and Blue Chip businesses get online and/or improve their online prescience. Summed up, this means you would have to get to know...

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Corset Fitting Part 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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In Part 1: How to Measure Yourself for a Corset, I spoke briefly about what measurements to take for making a corset. In this part I will show you how to apply them to a pattern. There are several ways and methods of adjusting patterns; using a commercial pattern, online free downloadable pattern and by finally drafting the pattern yourself. But first you have to select a style of corset to make. My client, for this series, is none other than The Head of the Seamstress' Guild and famed author of the the Young Wizards series herself, Diane Duane! [Kermit the...

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What's Wrong with Plus Size Fashion TODAY!

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Women are talking about having more choice and greater range of plus size fashion. Can you tell the difference between these three skirts? No? Neither can I. Although one has been recently hailed as "fashion innovation", one designed by a recent Project Runway winner and worn by an award winning actress and the other is a FREE PATTERN for the very first garment you learn to make at GCSE. I look at this and despair! How can anyone think that THIS is choice? That THIS is fashion innovation or new or even exciting? It's a gathered skirt FFS! It is literally...

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Melanie - the story

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As you will have guessed from my many other rants articles, I am passionate about redesigning shapewear to fit real needs not thought of by men. Like: How do you get in and out of it when you need to pee? The same goes for inconvenient times of the month. How it fastens and where. Can you reach the closures? Are they in a comfortable location or does it shove a load of hooks in the most ridiculous of places? Does it sit smoothly under your clothes and not roll down, ride up? How to make this sexy - because...

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So you do plus size, huh?

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Something I have begun to notice when searching on shopping sites like Etsy.com or Ebay are the number sellers who come up in the results when typing in the tag "plus size". But closer inspection shows that the seller has ONE item in a size US14/UK16 or worse yet, a size US12/UK14, and thus they qualify themselves as Plus Size specialists. WTF? The common range of plus sizes goes from a size UK18 - 32 (XL - 5XL) with the most popular plus sizes are 18-20 and 22-24. I really don't see how these sellers can advertise themselves as selling...

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