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Game of Thrones Inspired Negeligee - part 1

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Who hasn't been watching Game of Thrones? (Or as my friends call it Game of Porn) And the absolutely stunning gowns designed by the amazing Michele Clapton. my personal favourites are the "slave" (erhem... prostitute) dress worn by the characters Roz and Shea and also Margery Tyrell's (We Tyrrells have to stick together!) wedding dress. The basic shapes, perfect for the warmer climate of Summer (Winter Is Coming!) are also lovely in the bedroom! [gallery ids="478,476,475"] These shapes have been appearing on the catwalks as well. [gallery columns="2" ids="477,479"] What I adore about costume design in science fiction and fantasy...

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Part 2: The Jane

about fashion rant fit photo shoot The Jane

Gussets! We all hate the cheese wire of centre front and centre back sewn panties and the camel toe that inherently comes with too small or too narrow gussets. Traditonally gusset front seams are placed just at, to be plain, the vulva. This can be very irritating and absolute hell on a very sensitive area. Placing the seam there may be more visually attractive, but it does not address the health issues many women face.  First I made the gusset both wider, to cup rather than cut, and then longer to extend over the sensitive areas and to help you feel...

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The Jane part 1

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"A seam in your crotch is like a cheesewire covered in sandpaper. Thongs are instruments of torture. Don’t even talk to me about knicker with tight elastic on the legs, or god help us, a non-breathable fabric gusset." - found in The Lingerie Addict I have made some serious rants in the past about the sizing and fit of lingerie and now at last I can finally tell you what I have been doing about it! Since I stated the business back in March of 2011 with just an idea that I could possibly make my own lingerie I have...

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For Loula...

Loula Cherry photo shoot

by far my favorite pics![gallery ids="326,327,328,329"]

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Wow! What a day!

photo shoot

Just one heck of a day! And my thanks go out to the Great and Powerful Miss Loula Cherry for trusting me (you fool!) yet again! And to the new whippersnapper that is Kate Oldroyd for creating the "Lola" during her internship her last August. Without so many mys vision is less sparkly! xxx[gallery ids="320,319,318,317,316,315,314,313,312,311,310"]

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