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As you will have guessed from my many other rants articles, I am passionate about redesigning shapewear to fit real needs not thought of by men. Like: How do you get in and out of it when you need to pee? The same goes for inconvenient times of the month. How it fastens and where. Can you reach the closures? Are they in a comfortable location or does it shove a load of hooks in the most ridiculous of places? Does it sit smoothly under your clothes and not roll down, ride up? How to make this sexy - because...

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What do you get for the money?

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Still battling the, "its a lot of money for what it is..." notion, I thought I would use the concept of the Dress Diary to show you the design process from research and conception to finished product. Along the way there will be opportunities to help me make choices and influence the final design. What is a Dress Diary? Its a series of blog articles most often written by amateur tailors and costumers (some times professionals but not very often because the fashion industry is so secretive) to show other amateur costumers their experiments, ask advice and to teach others...

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