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As you will have guessed from my many other rants articles, I am passionate about redesigning shapewear to fit real needs not thought of by men. Like: How do you get in and out of it when you need to pee? The same goes for inconvenient times of the month. How it fastens and where. Can you reach the closures? Are they in a comfortable location or does it shove a load of hooks in the most ridiculous of places? Does it sit smoothly under your clothes and not roll down, ride up? How to make this sexy - because...

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"I can pretty much guarantee you are wearing the wrong bra..."

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Recently had a question from a client. She was confused as to why the bra sizes covered in our size charts only went up to a 46 when she was informed by a major high street chain that her bra size was a 50-52 for a size 26-28. I told her that I could pretty much guarantee that she was wearing the wrong bra size. Ok... fasten your seat belts! Although there has been a recent trend to offer larger cup sizes in a response to re-examining modern women's bodies the industry as a whole has not really changed many...

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