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So, The Condom Broke...

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Well, its the morning after and the condom broke and you are pretty sure your partner had a lot of undeclared STDs. Time to face reality, and no, not a colourful pre-scripted game show. So here are my predictions for what is going to happen in the immediate future (6 months or less)... What's my qualifications to make these judgements? Before chucking it all in for pants, I spent 18 years as a contractor analysing and helping SME and Blue Chip businesses get online and/or improve their online prescience. Summed up, this means you would have to get to know...

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Corset Fitting Part 2: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

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In Part 1: How to Measure Yourself for a Corset, I spoke briefly about what measurements to take for making a corset. In this part I will show you how to apply them to a pattern. There are several ways and methods of adjusting patterns; using a commercial pattern, online free downloadable pattern and by finally drafting the pattern yourself. But first you have to select a style of corset to make. My client, for this series, is none other than The Head of the Seamstress' Guild and famed author of the the Young Wizards series herself, Diane Duane! [Kermit the...

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Why I wont work with UKPSFW

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This was my experience as a designer attending UKPSFW last September 2015, but it starts two years earlier in January 2013. I was contacted by, as it was then, British Plus Size Fashion Week as a new designer to pick up one of the remaining slots on the catwalk and in the market hall. I was exceptionally flattered, but having never done a show like that before I knew I had to do my research if I were to put my brand on show in an international arena. So I decided to not accept but to go to the event and see it first hand....

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How to measure yourself for a corset.

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I have been asked to give a lecture at DiscWorld Con in August on "Corset Fitting and Sewing Cheats". As part of the build up to this lecture/demo I will have to prepare a veritable sh*tload of demonstration pieces to be displayed upon my CELEBRITY MODEL (Really, there is one and she said yes and everything!)! As I only have 50 minutes and there is a lot of tricks and cheats to this whole business (sorry to any other pro out there who thinks I am exposing "secretes", but with the advance of YouTube I'd rather see people getting it right than all...

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You want it free?

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I get a lot of requests from "sources" (ok bloggers and media types) asking to, "work with me." This means they want me to work with them on spec, given usually the most expensive or time tacking item for free. And IF they like it they MIGHT give me a review. This is how I feel. What happens when you ask for free work from regular professionals...

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