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Something I have begun to notice when searching on shopping sites like or Ebay are the number sellers who come up in the results when typing in the tag "plus size". But closer inspection shows that the seller has ONE item in a size US14/UK16 or worse yet, a size US12/UK14, and thus they qualify themselves as Plus Size specialists. WTF? The common range of plus sizes goes from a size UK18 - 32 (XL - 5XL) with the most popular plus sizes are 18-20 and 22-24. I really don't see how these sellers can advertise themselves as selling plus size when they sell only one or two items and the size is on the cusp! It is outrageous! It is humiliating enough to know that as an averaged sized plus size woman you can't walk into the major high street chains and find anything in there. Worse yet now we have sellers telling plus sized women that they wont be catered for unless they are at the smaller edge of being plus size. And then when you try to order an item to be told at checkout the item is permanently out of stock! Those of us who do design and manufacture plus size and being overwhelmed and hidden by the plethora of what feels like those jumping on the band wagon for mercenary profit. Likewise I am bewildered by the recent attitude by the BBC towards the recent London Plus Size Fashion Weekend. The main story reported that many shops now included plus sizes by going up to a size 18 and SOME went higher... But then the interviews with the organizers and the comments from the morning hosts were focused on health issues and talking about obesity. The questions to the organizers were barbed to obtain odd responses. The subtitle version, which often did not match the content of the interview at all, even stated the importance of loosing weight was more desirable than being plus size.

It is every woman's right to feel confidant and good about themselves.

When did plus size only become defined to be under a size 16 and the top end a size 18? Despite showing what vast market desire and need for good quality and well designed items there is to be told as a consumer that it is a shameful thing and to be avoided by loosing weight as fast as possible. /rant

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  • Kimiko S. on

    I hear you. It is very frustrating on so many levels.

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