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I was recently sent a comment - it went along the lines, "I'd buy a lot of your stuff if it weren't so expensive for what it is." Many people don't appreciate the cost of their clothing, especially handmade clothing. Mass manufactured clothing costs less because the fabrics are bought in bulk, and by bulk I mean thousands of metres at a time which lowers the materials costs massively. The processes in which the clothing are sewn with are stripped down to bare minimum so that the end finish is flimsy and often not very durable. Hence the rise in "throw away" clothing. The $10 t-shirt you wear once or twice then throw away because it has fallen apart. Less process in the making of the clothes means less time spent on each article which means more items made in factories in countries where workers are often paid less than living wages. That's not what I want RavenDreams to be about. My motivation to start the business was to create the clothing that would fit me, and many many many women like me who are not Victoria's Secrete models. Clothing that was well made and fit to purpose made from the same or better fabrics that you see in Rigby and Pellar, Agent Provocateur - after all, just because I am plus size does not mean I should be relegated to the cheapest jersey fabrics with the most hideous bargain basement prints. We who create for RavenDreams take time and care and use the best fabrics which we search for better quality and designs constantly. Our fabrics and laces cost us between £8 and £45 per metre (currently - and we hope to work with even more exotic fabrics soon) and some of our items, small though they be will contain 3-4 different laces and 2 different fabrics EACH. And then we have sourced some pretty amazing fasteners from around the world and even antique Victorian buttons. We also include steps in the making process that mass manufacturers cut for costs and hand finish every item. What we create for you is not cheap by any standards. I include a link to a very nice demonstration on the cost of clothing by NPR: The Difference Between A $99 Suit And A $5,000 Suit, In One Graphic I hope this shows that what we offer is well worth both the effort and the price Abi xxx   Would love to hear your views on the subject!

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  • Catherine on

    The link says it all: quality means better time and better materials. If you want knickers for a quid, you can find them, but they will sag first, then fall apart. Likewise, the bra will only fit if you’re a factory-made shape – but so many women don’t even realise that their underwear doesn’t fit properly. I guess you can’t save everyone!

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