Product Testing and a Thank You Sale!


Ok.... Where have we been? Well, the interns have gone back to uni and I have been working on new product lines and updating all the fabrics to SILK! But mostly I have been product testing ... in Greece. They definitely work ladies and gentleman and can take a hell of a lot of stress too! If you want a product that will rip from your body... sorry. BUT the one hook back clasp undoes very nicely when and only when you want it too! ANYWAY! December will see RavenDreams open for business for 6 months! I want to thank all the people who's contributions have made this possible! Especially the strangers on the street (practically) whom I have accosted with a tape measure! All of your help, patience and advice has been invaluable! So at this time of Thanksgiving - THANKS! FOR ONE WEEK ONLY - THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS SALE 50% OFF ON EVERYTHING! To use, go to and when checking out apply coupon code: 6ETKKMER6NE4DCMS Again - thank you!  

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