ODDC strikes again!


Sorry been so quiet here but have been "product testing".  Suffice to say successful tests all round! ;) erhem... Welcome to the SECOND One Day Dress Challenge! A reminder of the rules;
  1. Can be any article of outerwear clothing (jeez folks - want to get me banned by Google?)
  2. Post your inspiration (and give credit where credit is due - because then it is research and not plagiarism!)
  3. Blog your process - sharing is fun and helps to inspire others to create. Competition is a GOOD THING (TM)!
  4. Be done by 19:30 - which leaves just enough time to get dressed and get to the pub on time. (although there can be arguments made for fashionably late)
  5. PICs or it DID NOT HAPPEN! At the pub with friends - can happen next morning if a good time was had by all.
That's it! Kirsty the Intern is the star today! lets see what she comes up withas she races towards the pub finish line!

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