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Today started with Starbucks and the Cambridge Market and a trip to hunt for fabrics... It was a great crisp morning and a very educational one for Kirsty the Intern of the different weaves, fibres and weights of cloth. But no luck in finding something extraordinary that jumped off the bolt at me and sang itself into a dress. So below upon return I have decided to look into my box of best beloved clothing from the high street that did not quite "cut the grain" as to say. The blue dress was one that looked great on IF ONLY the black band at the empire line was not rigid but stretched. Also it self destructed casting the beads everywhere upon it's first outing. Otherwise worn over a slip dress (in black here) it was really rather fetching. The front plunge was also not open enough - if worn over as slip having an "immodest" plunge adds a level of design interest so I want to change that too. Also the sleeves coming to a wide cuff at the bottom was interesting but dragged into everything so I need to think either to leave the sleeve loose from the shoulder or ... Watch this space   [gallery columns="2"]

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