Introducing Kirsty the Intern


Welcome to the newest member of our team, Kirsty! She is RavenDreams very first in what we hope to be a long line of Interns and this is what she has to say about herself:   Hi, my name is Kirsty. I grew up in South Yorkshire and moved to Cambridge just under a year ago to study fashion design at the Cambridge School of Art. After writing an essay on the tear or rip as a design feature I have discovered a great love for worn/frayed and aged looking garments. I also draw inspiration from the natural world where I enjoy looking at animals, plants and landscapes. Birds have been an obsession for me since an early age as I was always absorbed in bird books and sketching the birds I liked. I also have a weakness for Japanese fashion such as the Japanese street fashion and lolita examples seen in the FRUiTS fashion magazine or the more traditional look of a kimono and a hand held paper fan. Over the course of my first year at university I decided I want to delve into plus size fashion, where I want to be able to provide young women like myself with gorgeous clothes that stand out. Being plus size shouldn’t mean that we have to blend in with the crowd if we don’t want to!

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