Introducing Abbie Parker!

Abbie Parker photo shoot

abbie striaght off public transportThis is called a test shot. The model enters from the street sans any kind of makeup. You want that first initial impression. Look into her eyes! That face!   Honestly! i feel like i am living in a fairytale! These magical creatures appear before me and transform before my eyes! And with such silliness and joy! Abbie is an amazingly strong woman. She works two jobs and models in her spare time. I love her sense of humor and enthusiasm for finding perfect pants that DON'T roll down when you sit and DON'T wear out after the third wash. When looking for spokespersons for my art, and frankly my future, it is essential that they reflect what I want from my art. Joy, pleasure, comfort, an abiding sense of humor and consideration. Full well rounded human beings who are perfect for being themselves. Abbie is more than just a face or a body. She is a creative young woman open to the potential of her own power ready to step into her future. Not to be swept away by it but to reach out and slap it one if it isnt what she wills it to be. Welcome Abbie!   We spent the first half of the afternoon accessorizing. doing a photo-shoot of basic scanties entails so much more than just clean skin and good lighting. Abbie is wearing one of the "props" from Corsets UK. Talk about the original "banger boosters"!   Other peeps into the accessories used in the collection is this amazing venetian mask. As days move towards May 7th and the actual shoot we will be revealing pieces of the puzzle that will lead you to a fantasy world where history and sensuality meet. Modern women and timeless beauty.   Watch this space!    

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  • Bess Chilver on


    I have a gold version of that mask! Did you see it when you came over?

  • Bess Chilver on

    Sure you can!

  • admin on

    yes! might ask to barrow it ;)

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