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Well, have taken the plunge into international waters! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ravendreamsplussizelingerie Etsy just doesn't seem very practical or open for impulse buying which what lingerie is for. Plus you cant specify that you do a range of sizes. Hopefully this will be easier and more... comfortable for people. The other thing is the price... Now I have priced - or I hope i have priced my pieces competitively. But Have I? Etsy it is of a same sort of range, but Ebay most things are dead cheap (and nasty). But that's the issue inst it? You expect at least some level of quality from Etsy and absolute shite that might last one wearing from Ebay... or is it that the expensive lingerie never makes it that far down? What do you all think? Is £29 too much for handmade french lace panties made to last being ripped off repeatedly in the heat of the moment - or is a cheap pair that look cheap, don't fit and you throw away the next morning what you expect/want? :)

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  • paulholton on

    I don’t think the price is too high and I am biased.
    for men and women; OK men your buying a woman a gift, something romantic, now do you think she is too dumb to look the label up on the net ? do you think she will jump up and down with glee if she finds you’ve bought her something for £3.50 in a sale. these are hand made, by the designer. get the message :)

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