CODDC – the Prototype


Yes, I did finish the piece in the time limit. No, I haven’t posted until now… Life got in the way.  
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  The Pros Extraordinarily comfortable! Doesn’t get tangled when  constantly toss and turn in my sleep. It is pretty, sexy and sexy. Did I say sexy? And yet, as long as I didn’t turn around, I would be happy to answer the door in them. Very modest from the front ;) The fabric is the right kind of weight and texture. I upgraded the lace for something softer tot the touch and classier to the look and more robust to wash. The Cons Designing a really posh hospital gown… It’s not exactly warm. What will I do differently? For the next version I want to add some of the ideas that can be found in this gold lame/silk evening dress from the 1920′s. 1920s gold lame evening dress via Stockholms Auktionsverk   The sleeves were too long and a bit too voluminous so I nee to take them in. I don’t like the hospital-ness of the back but do like the openness so I will look to angle the back towards the front and not have a straight drop. It definitely needs MORE LACE! At the neck, at the sides – I want to emphasise the angles ala Deco. Also not entirely entranced with the waistband on the knickers so that will need to be refined. I will be using a ballet pink silk satin and ivory lace for the next one! So stay tuned!   Love, Abi

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