CODDC! – atucally 2 day pajama challenge!


Ok – so life has been overly busy  and in the tradition of having a gazillion projects half finished… Great design comes from necessity. The heat is driving me potty and I need sexysexy pajamas that are comfy in this heat! Pet peeves:
  • I hate bunching around my legs
  • I turn over a lot and hate non-flexible straps that then cut off the circulation in my arms
  • …also get twisted around my body so that I have to stand up to re-sort everything
Problem solving: So French knicker shorts sorts the bunching problem. On open backed T-shirt design will hopefully stop the twisting and strap problem. The brevity and looseness of both will help with the heat. Now how to make it sexy? A very light weight black satin with side lace see though detailing… Here’s my quick sketch Quick sketch for pjs

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