Cambridge One Day Dress Challenge!


Once a month there is a pub meet for like minds in Cambridge. And just like every other plus size woman there becomes the question of "What the hell am I going to wear?" These days I have the underwear sorted... But what do I put on top of it all? So to further my design skills and keep things fresh I will start the "One day Dress Challenge!" or:


Why use an acronym? Because TLA's are habit forming - and I digress.. Rules are:
  1. Can be any article of outerwear clothing (jeez folks - want to get me banned by Google?)
  2. Post your inspiration (and give credit where credit is due - because then it is research and not plagiarism!)
  3. Blog your process - sharing is fun and helps to inspire others to create. Competition is a GOOD THING (TM)!
  4. Be done by 19:30 - which leaves just enough time to get dressed and get to the pub on time. (although there can be arguments made for fashionably late)
  5. PICs or it DID NOT HAPPEN! At the pub with friends - can happen next morning if a good time was had by all.
That's it! Feel free to make pithy comments disguised as helpful suggestions OR JOIN ME in the madness! Post links in the comments to your creations! I promise to post the best ones (and the least rude outfits ;)!  

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  • admin on

    YES! Mad woman that I am! I know so short notice but there are so many events we can tie this to! If not today then next month – and I do expect you to comment {laugh} at my efforts throughout the day – and be in pictures in the pub.
    :) xx

  • moot on

    Are you suggesting that we make a dress today for tonight?


    I would so normally be up for that (as I think you know..) and indeed I did just that a few weeks back – decided I had ‘nothing to wear’ so got on and made that olive green opaque/trans number ..

    But today? today is scheduled as so is impossible

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