Body shapers are great, but what happens when you have your period?


image Gok Kwan what were you thinking?! All those layers of powermesh do smooth a girl out, but all those hooks and eyes to get into it and once in absolute horror to get access! And all those hooks up the back... you have to be a contortionist with a high threshold for pain to opperate even a simple body. Then what happens when you are "on" and have an unexpected extra long meeting or the vicar drones on and on at a wedding? You can't always rely on a tampon and don't anyone start singing the praises of a mooncup! And just suppose you actually prefer wings? For those 3-10 days (for the unlucky ammounst us) those smooth slim outlines are in our lingerie drawer waiting for the apocalypse to end. image High waisted pants have a tendency to roll down making sitting impossible. image while shoulder straps can fix the roll problem, it does mean you have to get undressed to use the loo. The slip dresses also ride up and need to be anchored to stockings in order to stay down. But not all of us enjoy wearing traditional stockings. Personally, I prefer hold ups. Which you then can't wear with the thigh covering pants. And then you have the whole undressing thing. *headdesk* So, how do we fix this? This garment desperately needs redesigning, but how? 1. Move the gusset closer from the middle to the top of the mons. This may create bulk and therefore be visible. 2. Take a letter from the Victorians and go crotchless. This would mean creating a pantie who's sole purpose is to hold a pad and has to remain smooth and invisible. It also has to be easily taken on and off from under the new body. Next I need a pair of scissors... Gok... hold onto your butt. You may not like this.

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